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Now that the holiday season is over, ForeSee has released a report that looks at the effect mobile had on holiday shopping. Not surprisingly, they found that more people than ever (33% this year versus 24% last year) used their cell phones for some aspect of shopping, be it for price comparisons, to find store locations and to actually purchase items.

Only 11% of the people reported actually making a purchase via there phone (it was 2% in 2009) but the majority of the shoppers said they used their phones to compare prices and products.

And check this out:

While in physical stores, more than two-thirds of mobile shoppers (69%) used their phones to visit the store’s own website, but nearly half (46%) also used their phones to access a competitor’s website.

Shoppers also preferred full websites to the mobile versions and those who had a good mobile experience were 30% more likely to buy from that retailer again.

All of which means, if you don’t have a decent website for your product or service, you’re losing money.

Now let’s take it one step further. Of all of the retail establishments studied for the survey, 1800-Flowers came out on top in regard to mobile usage. They offered interfaces for all the major phones and gave their customers the ability to connect their mobile and web accounts and trigger text message reminders of birthdays and other gift-giving holidays. In this way, 1800-Flowers becomes not just a place to shop, but a helpful reminder service and in a way that nearly guarantees a sale.

Man gets text reminding him of his mom’s birthday. There’s a very high probability that he’s going to click through and buy the suggested bouquet of flowers rather than go searching online for a better deal. Since his phone is synced with his account, the delivery address is one touch, as is his credit card info and voila — painless gift giving in less than ten minutes.

Mobile isn’t going away. On the contrary, these numbers will at least double by year’s end so now is the time to put that mobile plan in place.

If you’d like to see the details of this report, visit ForeSee and you can download the PDF for free.

  • laciedeel

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  • We get many enquiries via smartphone, mostly I-phones but most buyers then call to make the order the old fashioned way.

  • I remember when WAP and DoCoMo was going to be the future… whod have guessd that mobile websites would be the way forwards… still it gives me a warm feeling being stood in borders looking at books on amazon for a cheaper deal lolz.