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Unless you have been snowed under, out of the country on a deserted island or had your head up your, well you know what I mean, you are more than aware that the iconic iPhone is coming to Verizon. Yippee!

This is big news to the obvious players of AT&T, Verizon, Apple and Google. That’s an easy one. This move finally breaks the logjam that is supposedly keeping the iPhone from taking over the world and shuffles the deck for these large players. If there were ever some marketing departments that will be busy in the next few months these are the ones (except Google of course because they can’t even spell marketing without an algorithm).

But what does this mean to the rest of us in the Internet marketing space? If you really think about it hard I bet you will come to the same conclusion I have. It means nothing.

Nothing you say?! What?! You mean that the tectonic shift in the mobile space doesn’t impact every marketer on the planet because, you know, it really should?

Yup that’s what I mean. Why is this? It’s because this table as far as marketing is concerned was set a long time ago (in Internet years that is). The delay in the iPhone getting to a wider market allowed the Android ecosystem to evolve to the point where it is real and it’s not going anywhere. Now, it’s just a matter of market share for Apple and the rest of the smartphone makers in the world. As marketers our position in this thing was pre-determined well before this announcement.

As Internet marketers we have already been resigned to the fact that any true marketing effort is going to need to address both platforms. If it doesn’t there is significant market share that will be ignored. So significant in fact that if companies are deciding to only go with one or the other platform now I would say that is short-sighted and downright suicidal in a marketing kinda way.

If app developers were only enamored with one platform then we would have an issue but that’s not the case. The development community enjoys the openness of Android and that alone is enough to ensure that these two will be platforms will be slugging it out for some time to come. How could that change? If Apple became more open and there is an entire underworld that would need to freeze over before that happens.

So while the wireless heavyweights slug it out over market share of devices and wireless plans it is really just business as usual for the marketing space. Marketers can be provider agnostic in most cases because it’s the platform that matters.

What will really be of interest is where the BlackBerry users who are waiting to play with the cool kids go. I think it will be pretty evenly split between the Android and iPhone crowd because there are plenty more wireless providers out there that can’t touch the iPhone but can make attractive plan offers to bring that group to the Android side of the ledger.

So for all the prognostications about big trouble for Android I say that we are doing what the media does best which is making something out of nothing really. Life will go on in the online marketing space and the mobile world will have plenty of room for iPhones and Android devices. Marketers will have to have their feet firmly in both camps in order to get adequate coverage of their markets regardless of who has a slim lead in the platform wars.

So here’s to business as usual for the vast majority of marketers in the new world order of the iPhone unleashed.

What’s your take?

  • Ann Williams

    Brilliant. You nailed it. Very keen view of real reality. Reading this makes one feel not quite so without flap in going on with business as usual.

  • Motoxer

    I could care less about a VZW iphone! All that Im interested in is the next gen. Verizon l.t.e. Android phones. But what I find most comical is their will still be Apple sheep lined up to get the 3G phone even though heavy hitters like the Droid Bionic will be coming in Q2.
    VZW played this well. Release the 3G iphone before all the great new 4G Android phones drop. It wouldn’t have made much sense to release the 4G Androids and then the Apple toy. Save the best for last.
    Anyways, Android is a place I think where the consumer has been able to grow with the platform. That’s one of the reasons it has such a loyal following. People have literally purchased a phone, learned the software and watched Android explode surpassing the likes of other fruity companies that had a 2 year head start!

  • Greetings;

    If you understood what HAARP and broadcast micro waves are and how they effect your mental and physical ability they’d move into valleys free of micro wave transmissions and throw those cell phones where they belong, at the bottom of the ocean.

    “Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.”

    Yet, you’ll do what you do, and rightly so.

    The very best to you all on your journey of discovery.

  • Cynthia

    Funny you should write this article today. Yesterday, I turned in my Blackberry for an iPhone. I hated doing it for no other reason than I felt like cattle being herded into the stall – but I made the switch and today, when i saw how it handles text messages I said, oh, wait, this is kind of cool.

    I thought about Android and the Windows phone but not for very long because I felt like I had to stay with the one that was out in front applications wise.

    But I will say that for years I’ve been baffled by this odd stranglehold AT&T had with their iPhones. I remember trying to buy one for my son and I seriously couldn’t give these people my money because I didn’t have the right status of upgrade availability etc. Yesterday, Best Buy talked me into this new program where you pay $30 and you can sell back your phone for a big kickback if you want to upgrade to a new model. Thinking on it now, it seems like even if i wanted to upgrade next week, I wouldn’t be allowed to because of these odd AT&T rules.