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What do men want? It’s a question I ask myself every day and today Unicast came up with the answer! Men don’t want to have fun, they want to know what’s going on in the world. Really? That wouldn’t have been my first guess.

According to What Men Want 2011, 67% of men said they use the internet “primarily for news,” 65% said they use it to connect with family and only 51% said for entertainment. The exception to the rule was in the 18-25 age group, where game play and and watching TV or movies online was the primary focus. In all other age groups, those activities never ranked higher than 63% and dropped as low as 25% in the over 65 group.

To make all of the info easier to process and more relevant to you, the marketer, Unicast was kind enough to put together a nifty chart that shows the demographic “most likely to” in each of eleven categories. Here’s one part of the chart. To see the rest, visit the What Men Want 2011, page.

One interesting note is that men with children were far more likely to be involved in an online activity than men without kids. Maybe because they’re at home more? Or they need the outlet?

When asked about advertising, only 44% of men said they were attracted to deals and discounts. Contrast that with the 82% of women who said deals were number one on their list. Clearly, a few bucks off isn’t going to be enough to convince a man to click. So what does get their attention? Nothing. The only option that came in higher than 29% was “None of the Above.” That included sweepstakes chances, localized information, video, social media sharing — across the board, men were pretty ambivalent when it came to ads.

The lesson here is that if you have a product that sells exclusively to men, find a way to turn your product into news and they’ll read all about it.

Men, what do you think of these results? Fairly accurate or not so much?

Thanks to Cynopsis Digital for the heads-up.