Facebook: You’ll Share it and Like it!

Let me share something with you. Facebook has changed the functionality of their “like” button on third-party sites so it acts pretty much like a “share” button. For marketers, this is good news because the action now carries with it, a photo and a summary paragraph making the link much more visible when it hits Facebook.

Here’s how it looks on Facebook when I clicked “like” on a Marketing Pilgrim article.

The downside for some, comes from the meaning of the words not the intent. I might share all the links I like, but I don’t always like all the links I share. It’s a categorical syllogism and it’s got some people worried that it will cause a drop off in clicks. I doubt it, since I don’t think most people had a clue what would happen when they clicked a “like” button before the change.

Google Update: Who Are the Biggest Losers?

When Google set its sights on removing content farms from search results, everyone expected Demand Media to be the biggest loser. But according to a data set provided by Sistrex Demand Media’s biggest offender eHow, not only didn’t take the bullet, they actually gained in a few areas.

So who did take the hit? Sistrex compared one million keywords before and after the change and announced that the top three biggest losers were WiseGeek.com, ezinearticles and Suite 101.

WiseGeek’s owner told the Wall Street Journal:

“We got unfairly lumped with a lot of players that had much lower-quality content. We’re not perfect, but I vouch for the quality of our content.”

Are You Making What You Should in Interactive Marketing?

In the interactive marketing space there is a constant dance that is being done between employers and employees. The space is growing in size and importance but it is so new that there are often discrepancies between what employers are willing to pay and what employees think they are worth.

Rarely are the two sides in agreement and when a survey like the one reported by ClickZ from research by executive recruitment company Crandall Associates (the full report is for sale by Crandall if interested) there are bound to be some raised eyebrows. Below is the chart that outlines average salaries for various interactive marketing positions. Where do you fall in this chart? Do you agree with these numbers or not?

E-mail Takes A Lickin’ But Keeps On Tickin’

Remember the old Timex advertising tagline “Timex takes a licking but keeps on ticking!”? It’s one of the iconic advertising slogans that will probably be a part of the American pop culture lexicon for a long time to come.

Well, that same implied toughness about a Timex watch can now be applied to e-mail as a communications device. There are many people who think that it’s time to drive the final nail in this communication tool’s coffin. That nail is supposedly being driven by social media in general.

eMarketer reports that quite the opposite is occurring according to a survey by Merkle. Of course, Merkle provides e-mail marketing management services so you have been warned.

A Pilgrim’s Look Back, February 27, 2011

Starting today, we will take a look back at the past week’s Internet marketing industry news that we didn’t get a chance to talk about. This feature will occur every Sunday so you can enjoy a quiet Sunday look back at what else happened. Be sure to come back every Sunday to catch up and be a well informed Pilgrim.

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Cup of Joe: Send Me Money Right Now Because I Want It

The other day I realized that most of you have never sent me any money. Well, I want to change that right this minute! Below is my PayPal address. Sent me as much money as you can to it as soon as you can.

Ok, cool. I am glad I got that out of the way. I can’t imagine how long we would go with out you sending me what I am entitled to. Oh wait, did I say entitled to? No, I meant to say deserve. No, actually that doesn’t make sense either, I mean I don’t really deserve a penny from you. I guess, I just want you to send it to me, because I like getting things for free, especially cash. I mean lets face it, we all like free stuff right?

What Exactly Are We Trying to Keep Private on the Internet?

Most people would think twice about typing their social security number into an online profile, but what about your driver’s license number? What about your grades? The organizations that you work for or even your mother’s maiden name?

The Center for Media Design at Ball University conducted a very interesting study about what kinds of information people are willing to share. Rather than hand out a questionnaire, they asked the students to write down categories of personal information on slips of paper. Then they had them drop the slips into boxes based on how comfortable they would be sharing that information.