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This week’s not surprising fact is that 52.2% of internet users log in to Facebook at least once a month. eMarketer says that number will climb to 62% by 2013 and after that, Facebook will simply take over the entire internet and we will all be made slaves to the “like” button.

Okay, that last part is mine, but eMarketer is an expert at predicting things and if they say that 152 million people will be logging on to Facebook by 2013, I believe them. Here’s a chart:

Not that we needed to see the numbers, right? Just look at the number of times Facebook is referenced throughout your day. Aunt Susan left a comment on your photo. Vonda from accounting says she got a free sample of Purell through the site. Your best friend from college is having a party and the invitations are on Facebook. And when you checkin to your favorite TV show on Get Glue, you begin by logging on with Facebook connect. Seriously, there’s just no escaping the beast.

On the other hand, Twitter’s bite of the social media pie is still barely more than a few teeth marks around the edge. Only 9% of adult internet users signed on to Tweet in 2010, but they’re expected to nearly double their users by 2013.

Where Twitter excels is in the area of growth. eMarketer says that Twitter’s growth rate is still on a steady rise while they predict a slowdown in growth for Facebook. Mostly, that’s because by 2013, the only people without Facebook pages will be newborns and I imagine that will spark a whole new trend and soon.

  • “Seriously, there’s just no escaping the beast”

    Seriously, there is.
    That site with its arrogance and carelessness just sucks in all respects, forms and functions.

    It needs to stop invading the privacy of everyone.
    Quit using it.
    Block it from your browsers.
    Spread the word.

    • Cynthia Boris

      Yes, but I saw a site today that actually required me to sign in using Facebook so they could “verify” me. Otherwise I’d have to fax them a bunch of documents as proof of who I am. That just goes to show you how much of the internet is beginning to depend on Facebook as their screener. So soon, it may not be a question of just stopping using Facebook, you’ll have to stop using the internet just to avoid it.

      That may sound overly dramatic but I don’t think people realize how connected everything is once you start tapping those computer keys.

  • Nice job, Cynthia. You’re upsetting the readers! 🙂

    • Cynthia Boris

      I seem to have that effect on a lot of people lately.

  • Count us in on the Facebook lovers! Facebook is great for connecting with friends and family AND marketing your business. Sure, there’s the privacy issue but this is something everyone has to face if you post anything on the world wide web. Just our two cents’ worth 😉

  • You go Facebook. The advent of the Like Button and “Natural Like Marketing” is changing the face of internet marketing!