Posted February 23, 2011 7:15 pm by with 4 comments

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I feel bad for MySpace. They came to us with a plan to socialize the internet. It was an easy way for everyone, from the student to the CEO to get together and share their interests, their thoughts and the ups and downs of their day. With a single click, strangers from across the world could become friends. It’s like that old Coca-Cola commercial where people of every race, creed and color stand hand-in-hand while they learn to sing in perfect harmony.

So what happened? How did MySpace go from harmony to off-key? Is it simply a case of not being the popular kid on the block anymore? Even after the recent upgrades, are they still that far off the mark?

Check out this Chart-of-the-Day from Silicon Alley Insider. It’s a cold, hard look at the end of an era.

I hear that MySpace started out as an online data storage site, thus the name. Perhaps this is a business model they should reconsider.

What do you think? Is this scenario unique to MySpace or will all social networking sites end up biting the bullet just as badly one day?

  • Minh Quân

    wow Traffic is very impressed

  • Janette

    I think about this often and I ask the same question:
    Are all social networking sites destined to crumble the same way as Myspace?

    Nothing lasts forever…but I do think that Facebook will stick around much longer than Myspace. why? Because they are innovative. They reinventing the entire internet…becoming the central focus of internet users. Where is there NOT a “like” button now? (I heard some celeb even got it tattooed on his arm)

  • Randy Spangler

    MySpace was not intuitive to use and seemed to be mainly for music and bands. Looked like most pages were just places for sycophants to post drooling comments. Never seemed to be a chronological record like Facebook or a running global commentary like Twitter. It has its place but it is not a category killer anymore.

    Just noticed that most of my comments were in the past tense. Sorry, MySpace…

  • souleye

    I for one believe that social media is pointless. I’m a netizen. I’m online all the time, so I’ve been involved most trends starting from eworld, america online. it’s all so shallow. but when you think about it, social life in the real world tends to be that also, if you go to clubs, bars, etc… also, I’m in business, internet related, so I need to check what’s going on. but really, who needs facebook, twitter? linkedin is promising since it’s for business networking. even from a marketing perspective, it takes too long and the results are rarely measurable.