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In the interactive marketing space there is a constant dance that is being done between employers and employees. The space is growing in size and importance but it is so new that there are often discrepancies between what employers are willing to pay and what employees think they are worth.

Rarely are the two sides in agreement and when a survey like the one reported by ClickZ from research by executive recruitment company Crandall Associates (the full report is for sale by Crandall if interested) there are bound to be some raised eyebrows. Below is the chart that outlines average salaries for various interactive marketing positions. Where do you fall in this chart? Do you agree with these numbers or not?

As the interactive marketing world continues to expand the demand for workers will certainly increase. Even today there is a shortage of true experienced workers. I chuckle when a job description asks for 7-10 years of social media and interactive experience. Facebook has only come to power in the past four or five years and the same goes for Twitter. As a result, there is a dearth of truly experienced talent to fill most agency and company needs for workers. Sure someone can say they have been blogging or did work with Friendster or even MySpace in its heyday but what does that have to do with the social media environment that exists today?

Couple that with the fact many who are most proficient in the art of social media and search marketing are quite young and have limited overall business experience. That’s not their fault, it’s just a matter of being in the work world for too short a time to see many circumstances that can arise which are important to know in order for techniques like social media and search to actually result in positive business results. What happens is you have many people who haven’t been around the business block yet holding the keys to more and more important parts of the marketing castle. That won’t always end well.

So this friction is likely to continue and grow as things get more and more complex which they look like they will.

How do you see the future of interactive marketing and salaries? is the sky the limit or will businesses be able to cap salary growth even as these practices become more and more crucial to the bottom line of many companies?

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    • Eric

      This is salary. Is it common to have commission/bonus on top of this?

  • I hate seeing what the rest of the industry makes. After nine years with my employer, earning half of the lowest wage on that chart would be a substantial raise.

    But, it’s my own fault too.

  • Very interesting and informative article.
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