Posted February 16, 2011 9:54 am by with 2 comments

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Since smartphones will be taking over the world very soon (that’s just a foregone conclusion, right?) it’s important to know what people respond on these devices. If the information coming from a Pontiflex Harris Interactive survey (via eMarketer) is any indication it will require marketers to adhere to the old KISS adage: Keep It Simple Stupid.

You see, while tablet users like things that spin and give off that 3D kind of feel, smartphone users primarily want deals. Offers, coupons, giveaways etc. It’s not that it’s a minor majority that wants this either as shown by the findings below.

Now, these folks make it even easier to make them do something by saying if you keep your offer in the app that they are seeing it in then they will be happy. Happy people click through and act. Not so happy people, not so much.

For marketers who think that they will be able to create an offer that is pretty much the same for smartphones and tablets (with the right tweaks of course for platform adjustments) they may be sorely disappointed. Tablet users want sizzle while smartphone users just want to dive into the steak.

As if online marketers don’t have enough individual channels to adjust to already, these kinds of findings put the brakes on those looking for shortcuts and smaller budget requirements. Developing messaging is one thing but putting it in the right form for each delivery device is something that will be a difficult task moving forward because destandardization is norm these days.

Of course, many will not heed this advice and they will try to make their messages similar across platforms to save time and money. Maybe with all that extra time they have they can sharpen up the resume because if there is not an effort to meet the customer on their own terms then the results may be grounds for dismissal.

Your thoughts?