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It’s getting pretty crowded in the daily deal space these days. Groupon and LivingSocial are big enough and backed by big bucks but the hundreds (maybe thousands) of variations on the theme are making it pretty messy in the deal of the day space.

Today add to the list Citysearch. They are taking a slightly different approach in that they will serve as a deal aggregator. MediaPost reports

Citysearch plans to unveil a daily deals offering and mobile platform Tuesday that automatically pushes coupons to consumers based on location.

As more businesses drive consumers from the Web into physical stores through local coupon campaigns, Citysearch will tap its CityGrid Media advertising network, which includes thousands of advertisers, to aggregate deals. It also signed with Groupon and The DealMap for the same purpose. The company plans to expand its network in the future.

Skyhook will integrate its location engine into the deals by Citysearch for Android. At launch, the mobile application becomes available on Android and iPhone.

As this social media phenomenon of daily deals continues to evolve this will not be the last of many variations on the theme. How Citysearch approaches the space will likely determine its success although, honestly, it is not usually top of mind like it once was for consumer information. Will this type of offering put it back on the map, so to speak?

Despite a crowded field, technology built into Citysearch’s app, which automatically pushes the coupon to the consumer after opting in, could provide the key to success. JP Bedoya, senior director at Citysearch, says the application also relies on “smart type ahead” technology, which makes suggestions on possible places and deals, based on location or topic.

“Smart type ahead” technology, huh?

There will be the opportunity to opt-in for location-based offerings automatically or a user can do the old-fashioned type in their location. Honestly, I sure hope that the mobile identification aspect works better than the desktop locator which gave me deals in a town that is 45 minutes from where I am typing this (and I have never been to but who’s counting).

How much room is there in the daily deal space? What are you interested in with regard to a daily deal offering? Is the Groupon way good enough? Are you looking for as many options as you can handle or is this starting to feel a bit cluttered already?

Your thoughts?

  • I love the idea of a daily deal aggregator – kind of like an OTA for the local space.

  • More and more daily deal sites are popping up and offering ways to save, and this produces a greater need for aggregators. People don’t want their email inbox to get flooded with emails from all the different daily deal and group buying sites out there.

    A great site to use to find the deals and sales in your area is They send you a daily email with the best discounts, so you can always find the best savings to use every day.