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Cute Girl CocktailDon’t tell Andy and Frank, but my secret goal with this weekly column is to meet cute girls on the internet. OK, maybe not really. But, I do want to talk about successful ways to pick up chicks. So, I know what you are thinking, pick up chicks? What the heck does that have to do with marketing?

Whether you like it or not, breaking the ice with that special someone is a talent that every marketer needs to have, especially, in social media. Take for example high level influencers that can spread your message across the web with one tweet. Getting on their good side is key to successful engagement. So to get you ready for Valentine’s Day, and your next social media marketing campaign, here are a few solid tips to engaging that special someone.

Don’t be captain obvious.

When I want to start a conversation with a cute girl, or a high level blogger, I stay away from making obvious statements. For example I am not going to say, “Hey I see you like coffee, so do I!” Why is this a complete fail? Because all this tells the other person is that you aren’t blind. In social media I see this all the time. Folks will go to a blogger’s “About Page” read the first few lines and then regurgitate it verbatim in a tweet. That’s not engagement, that’s copy and paste.

Stick to what you know.

One of the best places to meet that special someone is in a book store. Book stores are great because they are organized by topic, which means you can scope out the areas that you are interested in or know a lot about. Take for example, I see a cute girl in the “gardening” section and I see another one looking through the “tech” magazines. Can you guess which I am going to approach? Yeah I am going to be talking up the techy about AJAX and AI, because that’s what I know about. It seems like every day I see some clown talking in social media about something that have no idea about. If you are trying to engage with high level influencers and you clearly have no idea what you are saying, then you are wasting your time.

Don’t pick fights.

So hopefully this sounds obvious to most of you. But some just don’t get it. Maybe it’s low self esteem, or just a complete lack of confidence. But I regularly see folks be abrasive and confrontational with people they are either attracted to or want to engage. Maybe, it has something to do with never maturing past middle school, but the bottom line is, it doesn’t work. Picking fights is counterproductive and childish. And, while you maybe “engaging” the furthest you are going to get is a cocktail thrown in your face or being blocked on Twitter. Trust me, I have seen both.

Be yourself.

You know that cute girl or guy that works at your local coffee shop? Did you know that they have something in common with social media influencers? That’s right, they can both smell a rat. They both have heard all the same lines, and they know all the tricks. Which means if you want to successfully engage them you are going to need to be original. And the best way to be original, is to be yourself. Because let;s face it, there isn’t anyone else out there like you. You are unique and being authentic is the best way to show that. Now, that girl at the coffee shop might not be impressed with your uniqueness when you explain why the Ewoks ruined Return of the Jedi (don’t get me started), but she will respect you more for being yourself. Which means that you are more likely welcome to come back and try again another time.

So there you have it! Get out there and start engaging with that special someone. Whether you are looking for someone to spend Valentine’s Day with or for a retweet of your client’s site, the tips above should help you no matter what.

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