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The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is really heating up. Today, it’s all about Mark Zuckerberg and his plans for mobile phone domination.

For a long time, it’s been rumored that Zuckerberg was backing a Facebook-branded cell phone, but the man says it’s not going to happen. Instead of going steady with only one manufacturer, Facebook is going to play the field, working to develop increased social networking capabilities in all the top brands.

Sticking with the software side of the business seems like a pretty smart move. Facebook may technically be a “tech” company, but electronics is a little out of their line. By spreading the love around, Facebook will further cement their social media domination and that’s gotta be a bigger money maker for them than a warehouse full of phones with a big blue F on the case.

Says Zuckerberg;

“Phones are inherently social devices and the industry is just beginning to discover what’s possible.”

It’s kind of funny, actually. When you think about the fact that phones were initially designed to allow one person to communicate by voice with another. Now it seems that only a small percentage of mobile usage is dedicated to voice calls. We’re all too busy texting, checking email, playing Angry Birds and watching missed episodes of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Right now, iPhone and Android users can access Facebook through an application that allows them to easily connect photos and friends. The Windows 7 phone, however, is more of where the company is headed with Facebook “baked in” to the system allowing for an automatic flow of data from FB to your phone.

Do we really need to be this connected to our social networks? Of course! Have you seen the OnStar commercial where the guy has his car check Facebook to find out if his date enjoyed their evening together? I don’t know. Sometimes I miss the good old days of “reach out and touch someone.”

How do you feel about having Facebook become an integral part of your mobile phone?

  • h8

    I hate it and won’t buy a device that has it baked in. Simple as that. Also, WP7 is entirely out of the question. Likewise for iPhones, due to being even more restricting towards the user and actual owner of the hardware.