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While one forecaster says the sale of paid apps will likely triple in 2011, the Yankee Group says ebooks will be coming on strong and likely beat apps for their growth potential. As reported by MediaPost, Yankee predicts that ebooks sales will jump up 83%, going from a $313 million dollar business in 2009 to a $2.7 billion dollar business by 2012.

The huge rise in sales is mostly due to the accessibility of ebooks and ebook readers. Kindle, Nook and now the iPad have made downloading ebooks a snap compared to the steps you had to take to load your reader only a few years ago. The Yankee Group also predicts a drop in the average price of ebooks which should fuel sales in the future.

From a marketing standpoint, this is great news. eBooks have been around for a while now and many online marketers have used them to promote their wares and develop a mailing list. But now that ebooks are going mainstream in a big way, the marketing opportunities are unlimited. For example, if your target audience is middle-aged, married women, contact one of the many romance ebook publishers with an offer to sponsor a novel. Have a great story to tell, publish your own ebook through the Kindle publishing program. Been writing an informative blog for years? Sell the content like a magazine subscription.

The rise in ebook sales proves a fact people have been disputing for years; people will pay for good content. Rupert Murdoch knows it’s true, that’s why he launched The Daily, a subscription newspaper made exclusively for the iPad.

As the author of four books and hundreds of magazine articles, I’m heartened by the fact that the written word still has value and clout. Yes, more people will plunk down their dollar for Angry Birds III: The Revenge than will pay $12.00 for Stephen King’s new ebook, but it’s a step in the right direction.

  • While a lot of people still prefer a physical book, I think many will convert when they experience the convenience and potential savings with ebooks. And, if that screen shot is anything to go by, graphics have really improved on the recent Kindles!

  • I think this is indeed good news for all writers of different styles – whether ebooks or blogs or e-mags. It shows that people still appreciate written matter. I guess the younger generation though still rates apps above all those ebooks!! The focus should be on writing ebooks targeting the youth as well.