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Wow, this is ridiculous. Whether it was planned or timed by Google to say Bing copied Google’s search results or even if Bing is actually copying Google search results has become almost irrelevant. Here’s what Andy Beal thinks about the whole thing.

So this is what happens when multi-billion companies have issues with each other? Puh-leeze.

Call me crazy but wouldn’t it make more sense if each company were sent to their neutral corners (or more appropriately their rooms) until they both cool their jets? I know when I my kids get too testy with each other they just need to have some ‘alone time’ and the silliness usually subsides.

In the meantime, the real world, the world of people who use the engines, is moving on as if nothing ever happened because in their eyes, nothing did.

At first, I thought this would be a good thing because of the exposure it would bring to search and some of the real shortcomings of the current ways that both engines work. Instead there is likely to be more name-calling and mud slinging than progress.

You know who the real winner will be in this deal? The one company that shuts up and innovates. The one company that makes search better. The one company that steps away from the table and admits it was wrong. The one company that acts like an adult.

I don’t have any prediction as to who will call a truce but let’s hope that this turns into something constructive and not a real life business reality series gone terribly wrong.

  • Google used to spider Yahoo! wait.. Yahoo search was powered by google, and infoseek and inktomi and webcrawler and….. bing and yahoo merged.. but yahoo still has yahoo directory which is still indexed in Google.. which still kinda uses DMOZ for Google Directory, which used to be owned by AOL and run by skrenta who now has blekko.. who has recently found ways to fight spam like Google is also doing. Is nobody spamming Bing? Nobody searches FaceBook, Google indexes twitter better than twitter does, but FaceBook is now on Bing.. (does anyone use this?)

    p.s. it was the toolbar. lol.

    • Steve you forgot to say:

      Google and Bing scrape many – MANY – website to generate their “universal” search results with reviews, videos, and drive less people to your site and make more money on their own.

      Oh and despite what G says, I am sure they “monitor” a lot more user activity than what they say they do!

  • There could be horrific legal ramifications come out of this nonsense. Google is alleging that it owns your clicks from the moment you make them. To suggest that a user’s behavior is proprietary knowledge is absolutely outrageous.

    If Microsoft were tapping into Google’s database of user click activity, that would be one thing. But in fact all Google did was verify what Microsoft had already publicly disclosed was happening over a year before this was made into an issue.

    If Google escalates the campaign, for all we know they may try to file a lawsuit. In that situation, people need to make it clear that GOOGLE DOES NOT OWN THE USER’S CLICKS.