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Google has been the talk of many for its push in local Internet marketing. That has been happening for good reason since it seems that’s where the innovation is occurring for the search leader.

Now, some of the same attention is being turned to the mobile environment which, for the most part, plays hand-in-hand with local. From events discussing the mobile environment that feature the likes of Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins (February 10 at 1 pm EST and are being livestreamed) to more Google videos (see below), Google is firing up the mobile ad machine in earnest.

The mantra that is guiding the efforts is stated on the Google Mobile Ads blog in the following three points.

Seamless: We’re bringing the best characteristics of desktop advertising to mobile devices. We want to help marketers and developers extend the benefits of their desktop advertising to people on mobile devices, while effectively managing their campaigns and ad space across many channels.

Inclusive: It’s clear that mobile is about more than just one device, one type of ad format or one style of ad campaign. Our ad solutions span across search, text, display, video, commerce and more, on a wide variety of devices, and enable businesses and consumers to connect in newly relevant and useful ways.

Made for mobile: Mobile devices have unique characteristics like location awareness and touch screens (and the ability to make phone calls!) that make it easy for people to engage with information conveniently, and create unique opportunities for businesses as well. Our ad solutions are built to help marketers, developers and publishers take advantage of these mobile-specific characteristics.

So it’s just the same Google message in a mobile environment. Sell more ads.

We’re not saying this is necessarily news but whenever Google draws attention to itself for something other than its core web search business you have to pay attention.

Couple that with what promises to be a “Is it the death of Android?” rush in the news once the iPhone hits Verizon tomorrow (oh boy, can’t wait for that), and you can see why Google wants to shift the focus to something they can profit from whether it’s on an Android device, an iPhone, a BlackBerry or a whatever.

Ads are platform agnostic and that’s enough to justify this view from Mountain View. Whether we like it or not, if Google is paying attention then we need to as well.