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Google is no different than any other company (other than it is one of the top brands on the planet and has a virtual crapload of cash but let’s not quibble). When a competitor shows a sign of weakness they need to be able to swoop in and pick the competitive carcass clean to feed itself.

Since Yahoo has made it clear that they are preparing to sunset their Delicious bookmark service Google has decided to make it easy for folks to bookmark Google for the place to go with this information. As Mashable reports

Google has just rolled out a convenient new tool for importing your Delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks.

The simple importer takes your Delicious login credentials (or lets you use a one-click OAuth button) and imports all your bookmarks, preserving labels or tags.

Considering Google’s rather broad reach as a company, the importer is likely more than just a friendly bid for more Google Bookmarks users.

I guess Google figures that Yahoo is taking the service away so why not, right? It’s pretty aggressive for sure but let’s face it, you usually don’t become one of the most recognized brands on the planet and store up a ton of cash by being Mr. Nice Guy even when your intent is to “Do No Evil”.

  • so google is trying to get the whole world in to one place

  • Google was pretty annoyed at Bing’s replication of their algorithm. I’m sure everyone has heard the news, it made national. Google made up a word, and then caught Bing giving mirror results of the faux word in their SERPS. Then Microsoft replied Google was on witch hunt [or similar wording]. Matt Cutts wrote a pretty expressive blog post with lots of diagrams and demonstrations “outing” Bing. Timing seems a little retaliatory. Another notch in the drama lately.

  • Interesting update. The addition of an importer is a tried and true tactic used by many software companies to attract competitor’s customers. It makes good business sense.