Posted February 17, 2011 8:37 am by with 1 comment

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You’ve heard of a slow news day, right?

How about a slow news year?

So far, 2011 has been a bit of a snoozer. If you were wondering why JC Penney getting busted for blackhat SEO was such a big deal, it’s because there’s been little else to report on recently.

For example, today’s big story is that President Obama plans to meet with Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs. Sounds like a cool meeting, but not exactly something you can write 400 words around–although ABC News gives it its best shot! 😉

So, if you see a marketing story you think would be of interest to other Pilgrims, please let us know. Not just today, but any day. Hey, we may just give you a shoutout in return.

Cheers and good hunting!

  • Oh, come on, Andy! There is always something new in internet marketing. Just get on any list of any Guru and watch the mountain of emails in your inbox exploding with the new and improved version of last years model. I learn more stuff from solicitations about what’s new in the IM world than I do with let’s say the expensive Guru’s webinar course. Just add your name to a few of these lists and away you go with new ideas coming out of the woodwork.