Posted February 24, 2011 7:55 pm by with 2 comments

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Are you addicted to your smartphone? Be honest? Would you break out in a sweat if you lost if for more than an hour? Or even more telling, would you fish it out of a public toilet?

Crowd Science surveyed 800 smartphone users and 1 in 5 said they were addicted! The others. . . . pure denial. 26% of the smartphone junkies were iPhone users while only 13% of BlackBerry owners admitted to jonesing for a cell phone fix.

The heaviest feature users landed between the age of 30 and 49, which is older than most would imagine. It’s nice to know that 89% of those surveyed believed in a phone code of honor saying that it’s bad karma to break-up with someone via text message even though smartphones make it oh, so easy.

Then there’s the toilet question. If your phone fell in a public toilet, would you fish it out? 65% of iPhone owners said yes and 49% of BlackBerry owners said they would take the plunge. Now that’s not necessarily a sign of smartphone addiction as much as it might be a gut reaction to all that money, literally, down the drain.

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Come on, you know what they say, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

  • NicNews

    I admit it. I can’t live without it and yes, I do panic when I can’t find it. The worst is when I am ‘stuck’ with a dead battery and no charger. My entire connection to the world is on my phone. I admit it! My Smartphone is my life!

  • dean

    Guilty as charged. I’ve become what I loathe.