Twitter Video Tutorial on Promoted Tweets Makes the Rounds

Thanks to Peter Kafka of All Things Digital’s MediaMemo, the world can see how Twitter is trying to educate people to use (to Twitter this is the code word for ‘pay for’) their Promoted Tweet service which is not exactly setting the ad world on fire as of yet. He does a great job of summarizing the video here.

The video is 40 minutes long but the biggest takeaway is at the 35 minute mark where the Twitter rep spins how some people will not like the ads and they will be vocal about it. In other words, your ads will catch some flak so you better be ready. But don’t worry, it’s just a few people overall and we want to help you turn a problem into an opportunity! How nice.

SMB’s Optimistic But Still Struggle With Economy and Marketing

SMB’s are an interesting group. Many of these people are just regular folks. Most are not true business people in the sense that they went to business school and have applied rigid business principles to their business. Many don’t have marketing teams, on staff PR people or any of the niceties that make talking about Internet marketing and social media marketing much easier if the audience is a Fortune 500 that has employees that aren’t spending their own money on services.

As a result they rely a lot on relationships, street smarts, networking savvy and a sometimes oversized portion of optimism. I say oversized only because they have to keep hoping that things will get better or else they can lose the will and, quite plainly, not have the resources to keep the doors open.

Lost: Internet Marketing News, If Found Please Let Us Know

You’ve heard of a slow news day, right?

How about a slow news year?

So far, 2011 has been a bit of a snoozer. If you were wondering why JC Penney getting busted for blackhat SEO was such a big deal, it’s because there’s been little else to report on recently.

For example, today’s big story is that President Obama plans to meet with Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs. Sounds like a cool meeting, but not exactly something you can write 400 words around–although ABC News gives it its best shot! ;-)

So, if you see a marketing story you think would be of interest to other Pilgrims, please let us know. Not just today, but any day. Hey, we may just give you a shoutout in return.

TweetDeck: Now With Longer Tweets

Bigger is always better, right? That’s the idea behind, a new service from TweetDeck that allows you to Tweet as long as you like. In the two weeks since the service has been active, 1.35 million extended Tweets have been posted to the program, like the one below from Tony Robbins.

But isn’t allowing you to tweet over the limit, counter to the whole point of Twitter? I get that sometimes you need a few extra characters, but one of their most popular Tweets is like the first chapter from a novel. Can this even be considered a Tweet?

TweetDeck reports that many Twitterattis are up in arms over this development. I’m not really sure why. If you don’t like the service, don’t use it but the naysayers may grow in number as TweetDeck moves forward with its plan:

Apple, Google Unveil Competing Subscription Plans

Apple has a brand new system that will allow online content producers to sell subscriptions.

Google has a brand new system that will allow online content producers to sell subscriptions.

Is that a coincidence? Coming only a few days apart, it does seem that Google is trying to one-up Apple especially since Apple is taking nothing but flack from producers in regard to their offer.

Here are Apple’s rules. Any content producer that wishes to sell a subscription can do so through the iTune’s app system which provides one-touching (think impulse) buying. That’s great. If a person clicks and buys, Apple get’s 30%. Not so great for content producers. Where it really gets sticky is in this next bit.

Attention Marketers! In App Deals Make Smartphone Users Most Happy

Since smartphones will be taking over the world very soon (that’s just a foregone conclusion, right?) it’s important to know what people respond on these devices. If the information coming from a Pontiflex Harris Interactive survey (via eMarketer) is any indication it will require marketers to adhere to the old KISS adage: Keep It Simple Stupid.

You see, while tablet users like things that spin and give off that 3D kind of feel, smartphone users primarily want deals. Offers, coupons, giveaways etc. It’s not that it’s a minor majority that wants this either as shown by the findings below.

Now, these folks make it even easier to make them do something by saying if you keep your offer in the app that they are seeing it in then they will be happy. Happy people click through and act. Not so happy people, not so much.

YouTube Closed Caption Fun

With all of the focus on IBM’s Watson computer kicking butt and taking names on Jeopardy (even if it thinks that Toronto is a US city but let’s not nit pick) we were introduced to this video about the totally automated close captioning capabilities of YouTube (hat tip to @BreRoz). Let’s just say it needs a little work but, hey, nothing’s perfect right? Enjoy.