Posted February 18, 2011 11:47 am by with 22 comments

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Since we already gave a comic’s view of last night’s dinner of tech heavyweights with President Obama we thought we might have some fun too. Remember that in attendance are Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Carol Bartz, Larry Ellison and more! (Collect’em all and trade with your friends!)

What we are asking our Pilgrim Readers to do is give us what you think is being said in this toast.

Tell us in the comments section and let’s see just where your Pilgrim imaginations can take us all!

We’ll even get it started:

“Here’s to finally getting Microsoft moved to the Internet kids table!”

Have a great weekend!

  • “So we’re agreed? We’ll keep spamming the public just to f with’em”

  • “Is anyone here from Blackberry???” :: crickets ::

  • I win.

    “And now…..the universe.”

  • Joe rueckert

    We just unlocked our Star Chamber badge!

  • Dr. Pete

    “Here’s to being rich and white! Oh, sorry, Barack.”

  • “To Al Gore, for without his initiative we wouldn’t be here tonight.”

    • Phil


  • j

    The fact that Steve’s face was not shown is a bad sign.

  • “WAITER!”

    “Mark, when you turn 21 you’ll be able to drink THIS!”


    “You put your right arm in, you take your right arm out…”

  • “To social justice!”

  • Karen

    “Where were you when the Internet went down?!”

  • Lou C

    Here’s to America ruling the interweb… (surely someone here must know how to stop wikeaks?)

  • “Construction of the solid gold Death Star is almost complete, TO THE DEATH STAR!”

  • Zuckerberg is muttering, “I’m CEO, bitch.” President Obama is replying, “I’m leader of the free world, bitch!” Steve Jobs is looking across the table at Ellison and wondering whether he uses a Mac laptop at home.

  • PC

    To one hundred and forty shots of booze or less…

  • Here’s to the Social Media and The Search Industry. Lets search the reasons for recession and socialize more for profits and a positive outreach.

  • JJ

    “Let’s find the way out for the country”
    “Yes!” everyone.
    “and bring more jobs to the people!”
    “Oops!” the lady in red.

  • Obama: Here’s to absent friends……Steve and Stephen
    Jobs: I am here dammit (Ha ha)……Hey any of you bought Nokia shares yet?

  • Here’s to Web 3.0 – Let’s see if those damn SEO guys can crack the algorithms now…

  • Obama: “Where’s Eric Stoltz…? He was awesome in The Mask”

    Guy in Black Shirt: “Errr, it’s Schmidt, Sir, and he’s…right there…”