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There is always plenty of talk about Twitter and Facebook and their money making potential. Well, actually Twitter’s is more about potential where Facebook is already a considerable success.

Now both are looking to ratchet up their efforts and they have each turned to interesting competitors to get new talent.

As reported by Kara Swisher at BoomTown, Facebook has taken the top Microsoft global advertising executive, Carolyn Everson, and made her VP of Global Sales. Awkward! She was just hired by MS last June after a long search and now has quickly jumped ship exposing some frustration with how Microsoft does business (are you surprised?). Facebook and Microsoft have a pretty serious relationship with Bing powered search results and Microsoft being an investor in Facebook from back in 2007. ‘The Book’ tried to make nice with this statement:

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg addressed that issue in a statement:

“Microsoft was one of our earliest partners and is still one of our most valued. We have a long and strong relationship that includes search ads on our site, a social layer on Bing search results and a deep and popular integration with Xbox. They are a leader when it comes to unlocking the power of social for their already popular products and services. We look forward to continuing to expand our relationship with them.”

Isn’t that special? This is just another in a long line of Facebook moves that is followed by a coy flutter of the eyelashes and a completely insincere “Oh, did we do that? We’re sorry!”. Looks like they treat their partners much like their account holders. If they need to screw you, they will and they won’t blink or lose a minute of sleep over it. Heck, it’s just business, right?!

Twitter on the other hand has saved the top marketing executive of Yahoo, Shane Steel, from languishing in a dead end marketing position. I say dead end because Yahoo is still mired in mediocrity and is still calling major cuts a success. All of this while losing market share and respect. If you are Ms. Steel you have to be relieved to be getting off a slow boat and onto a bullet train in Twitter.

All Things Digital reports:

Shane Steele, previously VP of global marketing for Yahoo, started at Twitter today as director of sales marketing. She’ll be reporting to Adam Bain, the company’s president of global revenue, who joined last year from Fox Interactive Media.

Steele is a longtime marketing exec with previous stints at the video ad start-up Tremor Media and Coca-Cola. She comes to Twitter at a time when the company is finally focusing on turning its service into a business.

This is much more challenging role than going to a Facebook because people have been incredibly patient with Twitter and its revenue generating efforts but that patience could go away in a heartbeat. The pressure to perform and to move Twitter from a “Are they making any money at all?” industry mindset to a “See, we knew they were going to be a revenue machine!” mindset is going to be great.

So while the rest of the world tries to figure out how best to use Facebook and Twitter for their business, both social media giants are staffed up to sell something to someone even if it isn’t all figured out just quite yet.