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Thanks to Peter Kafka of All Things Digital’s MediaMemo, the world can see how Twitter is trying to educate people to use (to Twitter this is the code word for ‘pay for’) their Promoted Tweet service which is not exactly setting the ad world on fire as of yet. He does a great job of summarizing the video here.

The video is 40 minutes long but the biggest takeaway is at the 35 minute mark where the Twitter rep spins how some people will not like the ads and they will be vocal about it. In other words, your ads will catch some flak so you better be ready. But don’t worry, it’s just a few people overall and we want to help you turn a problem into an opportunity! How nice.

  • Cynthia

    They need 40 minutes to explain Promoted Tweets? Given that Twitter is all about short and fast, that’s pretty funny.

  • Lawrence

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  • Yeah-that is a long time to explain something. Sponsored tweets will probably be the death of Twitter.

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  • This is just the natural evolution of a company. Advertising is a must for most online companies today. The big issue is, as you address, people are very able to be vocal.

    I think a great approach to take would be to offer a discount to twitter users… I mean a good discount, like a groupon discount. Something like 50% off or so. Hmmm.. now I have an idea for my own business. 🙂