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Wanted: High profile celebrity interested in breaking into the online video business. Imagine success on the ultimate small screen. No money required. No experience needed. Apply at YouTube where we make stars out of stars!

Yes, it’s true. At least according to Vulture it is. (They’re a sister site to New York Magazine, so don’t dismiss the story because of the publication name.) In an exclusive story, the online mag says that YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar is actively looking for a number of celebs around which they can brand a YouTube channel. They’d like to have the celeb star in weekly segments then fill in with other themed content and YouTube will foot the bill. They’re even generously agreeing to allow the celebs to keep the rights to their produced portions, which is pretty nice seeing as all they have to bring to the table is their name and their fame.

It’s actually a pretty smart move as exclusive, celebrity content will allow YouTube to ask a higher price for advertising and it will help them become less of a content aggregator and more of a content provider.

It’s good that YouTube is trying to expand beyond their current business model and only fitting now that video is such a thriving business. Did you know that YouTube already has a streaming movie rental business? It was news to me even though it’s been open for a year so I imagine that income isn’t anything to shout about. But this new concept is much closer to home and it should be a hit. After all, YouTube is famous for turning everyday people into stars, so they should have no trouble doing the same thing for some trendy celebrities.

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