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Here’s our look back on the week that was. Some feedback we have received is that giving our readers a little insight into the story we are looking back on might help them to decide if it’s worth clicking through to and reading more thoroughly.

At Marketing Pilgrim we try to listen so here it goes. Let us know what you think of this weekly review of some of the stories we found but didn’t get the chance to explore more deeply. We’ve even added some hashtag ideas for you to use. Aren’t we nice?

Twitter tells developers that Twitter client days are over – If you have been developing the next Twitter client that will replace TweetDeck etc, Twitter may have already sealed your fate. Simply put, developers can’t make Twitter clients and expect life to be good. Twitter has laid an egg on this part of the developer community and many will think it’s rotten. #changingtherulesbecausewecan

Bing Creates Tsunami of Complaints – In the what in the world were you thinking department comes Bing’s use of the tragedy in Japan to get followers to retweet a message and each retweet creates a dollar (up to $100,000) donated to an agency helping those in need. Bing gets raft of crap about the callousness of the offer, quits the promo, apologizes and just donates $100k. Probably should of done that first but hindsight is 20/20. #bingbong

Amazon Bails on Illinois Affiliates as Tax Looms – Joining other ridiculously short sighted states like my own NC, Illinois has taken business away from Amazon affiliates by pulling their own “Let’s tax Amazon” stunt. Idiots. Rather than let their citizens make a few extra bucks in a difficult economy that would be spent on goods and services IN ILLINOIS, they choose to force Amazon’s hand and Amazon follows the same tactics it did in NC, Hawaii and others. #politiciansaremorons

Google and Bing have whitelists of sites for special consideration – No we don’t! Well, yes we do. That’s how the engines have handled the much discussed use of whitelists for sites that will not be impacted by algorithm changes. #ouralgorithmsknowalotbutnoteverything

Aol’s dubious streak of laying off workers, 11 years and counting! – Aol just can’t keep from making news. They buy major blogs, then lay people off, they use a content farm approach to journalism etc, etc. Seems that the only think they do with any consistency is lay people off. #keepthatresumeuptodate

Top Engadget editor leaves – Whether it’s layoffs or just people fed up with how Aol does things, the exit doors at Aol are being held open so the rush of people won’t get trampled. Joshua Topolsky has left Engadget to move on to something better (whatever that is). #arringtonhuffingtonandarmstrongshouldshower

YouTube to expand staff by 30% – As Aol keeps playing “Let’s crush the common worker and keep the celebs” with its staff, YouTube is adding jobs. #exaoltoyoutubeexodus

HootSuite upgrades analytics – HootSuite has added some ooomph to their social media analytics> They join the ever growing crowd. #prettypicturesforlazymarketers

SXSW is happening – No freakin’ bleep! Already worn out from the endless checkins and ‘Look at me!’ notifications? No need to offer links on this one. Just follow your own Twitter feed and you’ll know when someone breaks wind in Austin. #echochamber

Company offers browser extension to hide SXSW tweets – Nice move by They actually play both ends of the spectrum with ways to follow the SXSW action without the nonsense. Firefox and Chrome users can hide tweets from SXSW attendees. Need we say more? #winning

As always we know there are more stories out there but we are only human. #wehavelivesoutsideoftheInternet. Enjoy your Sunday.