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Digital advertising is an important part of any company’s business, but according to a new report from Econsultancy and SAS, agencies and their clients have very different views on how that money should be spent.

Looking at this chart from eMarketer, we can see that 75% of agencies thought their clients should spend more money on mobile marketing but only 62% of advertisers agreed.

On the flip side, advertisers wanted to increase their spending on search, display and email marketing. Not only did their agencies not agree, but they went so far as to say that display dollars should be kept the same or decreased.

The biggest gap is in the area of the company website. 61% of advertisers think they need to spend more while only 39% of agencies agreed.

What these numbers imply is that agencies are willing to take a chance on newer options where advertisers prefer to stick with the tried and true. Understandable, but is it smart?

Another interesting finding is the fact that advertisers are much more confident in their ability to measure digital advertising success in comparison to the agencies they work with.

43% of advertisers felt they had a handle on measuring the success of display campaigns but only 17% of agencies agreed. And you know the a fore mentioned 75% of agencies that thought their clients should spend more on mobile. 64% of those agencies said they had a poor chance of measuring the ROI on mobile campaigns. Given that, it’s not surprising that advertisers are reluctant to throw more money at mobile.