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More data keeps coming in showing how Android’s grip on the smartphone market is tightening with each passing month. Information from comScore (via Mashable) shows that the Android platform has taken the number one spot from BlackBerry. Note that this data doesn’t include the iPhone introduction to the Verizon network (remember that hype?).

It’s easy to see that the eventual HUGE loser in this will be BlackBerry as it struggles and continues to lose ground in the smartphone platform race. BlackBerry’s troubles are bound to be a case study sooner than later as the company just didn’t react quickly enough or with the right products. Oh well.

What’s more interesting is to watch whether this pattern will continue in the tablet market. Like the iPhone, Apple has taken the early lead by being first to market. What makes the tablet race different is there is no carrier dependent influence on sales. Anyone can buy one and right now, Apple’s iPad is the king of the mountain by far.

With Android tablet devices slow to get real traction against the iPad will it mean that Apple can get out in front and stay in front?

What are your thoughts?

  • Paris

    Android will eventually go over apple market share in tablets as well, if they can price them low enought!

    Note that whar google wins here is just numbers, real winner here is apple selling both os and device!

    Also this is for US alone!! Rim is not that big in most countries outside the US!

    • @Paris – All very good points. Thanks for checking in and adding to the conversation.

  • All Apple products are fads (except for their Macbook) with great marketing strategies behind them. At the end of the day fads will be fads and the better products will prevail. Thus, Apple is only a leader in the tablet world because they were first on the market, but they won’t stay there forever (maybe for another year).

    PS: I’m not a big fan of Apple so maybe I’m a little bit biased.

  • John

    Please leave RIM out of this, they are working on obviously an advanced OS, that even you wouldn’t understand!

    • That sounds all well and good but in the meantime they are getting their clock cleaned and anything they produce will be viewed as to little too late. To leave them out of this discussion would be irresponsible.

  • dean

    In addition to market share problems for RIM, our metrics show that people are just not using their Blackberries for internet use. It appears that Blackberries are and will remain “email devices” while Android and iPhones are mobile internet devices. This makes RIM future even more cloudy as Enterprises will eventually embrace and support Android and iPhones further pressuring RIM as the defacto business device.

    I have no doubts that in a few years people will be saying “Remember when we all used Blackberries”

    • @Dean BlackBerry will be the new Palm. A footnote in the history of the mobile Internet.

  • I strongly do not think RIM will survive this! they simply don’t have enough in store to keep them in the game. even if they come other with a superb OS for mobiles and tables is already too late. Remember Palm when wat the leader in PDAs anyone??? MS grabed their share and then they had to use Win Mo to stay in the game and once they managed to come out with a superb OS it was far tooo late! HP will use apple to try and detach from MS but this will simply hep them go down the drain big time if they dont make the right moves!

    Even MS with lower market share will remain in the game, Nokia and MS made a deal that will help both of them stay in the mobile wars game! Google uses the same model as MS in the desktop so companies selling hardware with Google software will keep them in the game as well, Not sure if android will ever be profitable for Google or a pure expense but anyway it will help them move in other markets rather than just search.

    Apple on the other hand are on their own! They are they one that make the most profits, and they are clearly not in the game to win the biggest market share, how they got so far is enough for them! It simply gives them ammunition to move their other eco system ahead. Apple is never going to be easy in this market considering the model they are following and how far they have come the latest 3 years. If they Manage to move just a tiny success back to the mac then MS should fear, not from apple, mostly from Google with apples help!

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