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Aol has provided stock to Twitter founder Biz Stone to be an adviser to the company. Here is the press release as provided by Business Insider.

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, is joining The Huffington Post Media Group and AOL as Strategic Impact Adviser. Said Mr. Stone: “The definition of success is changing as we begin to understand the value of helping others. Arianna and Tim share my vision for aligning corporate resources toward meaningful change,” said Biz Stone. “My goal in partnering with AOL and The Huffington Post Media Group is ambitious but vitally important. Together we will rally companies to think about new ways of doing business, share best practices, and strive for positive impact at all levels — from global to local.”

Mr. Stone will advise on social impact and cause-based initiatives, develop a platform to facilitate people doing service in their communities, rally other companies to invest in and deploy best corporate practices, and create and develop a video series spotlighting leading companies and executives at the forefront of philanthropy and corporate responsibility.

Twitter is obviously looking to ramp up its social change agent angle with a move like this and Aol is just interested in headlines these days so this makes perfect sense.

Maybe there will be a new social media arms race between Facebook and Twitter to see which one is the most important to the advancement of the human race as a whole. This could certainly offset the crass commercialism that they are really specializing in now, huh?

  • pravo <!!

  • I guess it makes sense that AOL and HuffPo put together have no idea what ethical business practices are. I’m not surprised to learn that they needed to hire an outsider to work that issue out.

    I’m curious to know whether they will read his articles.

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  • But what this article DOESN’T say is how AOL will begin down the long path to profitability… and I don’t think Biz Stone, as great as his accomplishments are, is the expert on that.

    Charlie Seymour Jr