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If you look at the news in the Internet marketing world over the past 24-48 hours you can start to see why sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are going to need to work to stay ahead of a growing mob of daily deal offers.

Heavyweights like the New York Times have joined the group and yesterday yet another large company put its hat in the ring. That company is Microsoft and it has partnered with The Dealmap to power this offering. From one of yesterday’s press release:

The Dealmap®, the leading source for people to find and share local and daily deals, today announced that it has signed a commercial distribution agreement with Microsoft’s Bing. As part of this strategic collaboration, Microsoft Corp. is using The Dealmap’s DealExchange™ platform to publish local and daily deal content to consumers through Bing on the Web and on its mobile properties. Consumers can find local deals on Bing and Bing for mobile today, and The Dealmap and Microsoft will continue integrating local deal content into other relevant areas of the Bing network.

I have recently had conversations with Bing’s Director of Search, Stefan Weitz about many different areas regarding Bing’s efforts to move up in not only the world of search but the world of the Internet as a whole. Many feel that Microsoft’s battle is an uphill one but if you talk to Weitz you can get the feeling that they are committed to the challenge and ready to fight. He told me

It’s fun being the underdog. It allows you to not get stuck in what has been done before.

Partnering with a third party like The Dealmap to jump headlong into this crazy deal a day market is one way to do things differently. If it were Google they would have bought The Dealmap and integrated it into the Goog in some fashion. Microsoft takes a different approach though and looks to partner with other already established operations to power many of their online efforts. (More to come in the future on my talks with Weitz).

As for now it’s clear that Microsoft has found its partner in this space.

“We chose to work with The Dealmap because they provide a robust technology solution along with high quality and comprehensive coverage of deals,” said Andy Chu, director of Bing for Mobile, Microsoft. “With The Dealmap, we’re able to bring unique and valuable content to consumers and enhance the Bing search and mobile user experiences.”

Also, by making this choice Bing will actually be ‘using’ Groupon and LivingSocial in a sense. SearchEngineLand reports

The Dealmap immediately provides Bing with “more than 200,000 offers in over 14,000 locales locations across the U.S.” It includes daily deals from a number of sources (e.g., Groupon and LivingSocial) as well as a range of more conventional coupons and offers.

So while this latter part of the week has been focused primarily on the daily deals frenzy we still wonder how you feel about this space. We feel that this is an important part of the ‘new world order’ of the Internet but we find reader interest wanes a bit when talking about deals.

Give us your opinion of the online daily deal space. Do you use it? Are you using the idea for your business? Is it here to stay or is it just another passing Internet fad? Do you care when new players enter the market? Are there any other players you are looking to enter the fray or have we reached a saturation point already?

  • Group buying and daily deal sites are a great way to save, and I think Bing Deals is going to help more consumers save, since it is an easy way to find the deals and sales near you.

    A great and easy way to find these online deals is by going to They’ll email you daily with the best buys in your area, keeping you from having to endlessly search for the right coupon.

    • So Nora, what is your role with Daily Deal Pool since you always try to get a link in every post about daily deals?

  • Groupon needs to hurry up and release an IPO before no one will be interested in them anymore. Their deals are terrible (I think they ran out of ideas) and there’s more and more pressure on them. Once Microsoft and Google are on the market, it’s pretty much game over for most of the other guys.

  • Cynthia

    I love a good deal, but I’ve pretty much walked away from these sites, it’s too much, too often. Can’t see what’s happening through all the clutter.

  • Sparkii

    I knew that Microsoft would have the deals business sooner or later but i dont think they would be able to fight against groupon deals…. i think groupon deals would be way ahead of Microsoft’s because groupon is real!!!! and ms would be cloning groupon!!!!

    • @Sparkii – That’s exactly the concern with Groupon because anyone can do. It’s the scale issue that sets Groupon apart at present.

  • I think Bing is headed in the right direction by integrating with others instead of creating their own.

    At, we’re working towards a comprehensive solution to pull together all deals in India and redistribute via several fronts. Would love to speak to Bing’s team in India about this!