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The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is hoping to encourage new visitors with a unique new display ad that puts the consumer right in the middle of a famous city.

When you click on the ad, you’re taken through a Google Maps display and down into the street view. From there, still navigating inside the ad box, potential tourists can spin the camera 360 degrees while sampling close-ups of shops and other attractions.

After a few seconds, an overlay appears over the street view with a link for more information. In this case it invites you to Explore More of Canada with a Plan Your Trip clickable banner. From there, you go on to a full Canadian tourism website which features videos and slide shows highlighting the features of the city.

The idea was conceived by CTC’s ad agency DDB Canada. The firm’s creative director Cosmo Campbell had this to say;

“What makes this execution so effective is that it utilizes a technology that the target audience already uses to research destinations, but it introduces this technology within a new context to offer inspiration in a whole new way.  It was a great experience collaborating with Google – discovering new ways to adapt their technology to work in unexpected places.”

The campaign also uses broadcast, print, social media and even QR codes to funnel all traveler traffic to the Keep Exploring site which looks more like a blog than an overgrown travel brochure.

What’s fascinating about the CTC Google Map ad is that you could display the same information with a panoramic set of photos of the street. But by having the consumer interact with the photos in this real-world setting, they become much more invested in the product and hey, that initial drill-down effect is pretty exciting.

Now all they need is a way to present the sounds of that bell tower and the scent of that cafe on the right side of the street.

Source: DDB Canada press release