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Even after taking the step of firing the employee who posted an amusing yet incredibly misguided tweet to Chrysler’s Twitter account, social media agency New Media Strategies out of Arlington, VA has been fired by Chrysler. The tweet that caused the hubbub read:

There was then a move to make nice

Then there was this statement from Chrysler as reported in the USAToday

Chrysler Group LLC will not renew its contract with New Media Strategies (NMS) for the remainder of 2011. NMS has agreed to support us with an orderly transition until a new agency has been named. We thank them for the work they have provided to us and wish them the best as they move forward.

Social media agency takeaways

  • Watch who you hire because people can be incredibly stupid
  • Watch who you give the keys to regarding client accounts
  • Keep selling because accounts come and go

Companies using social media agency takeaways

  • Consider bringing social media activities in house
  • Find out who has access to accounts if you choose that route
  • Be careful who you trust

Anything to add, Pilgrims?

  • There are a number of applications that allow companies to set different user settings for each user so companies don’t even have to give anyone access to the actual company twitter/facebook password. Some of these applications even allow approval processes + scheduling to make sure all tweets meet company standards without error. Using these apps are probably the best way to prevent this.

    • @Cassie – What applications are you aware of or using currently?

    • Really? if you are going to go through all that trouble you may as well bring the whole operation in house.

  • Although it’s off-topic, sort of… I would add “Don’t drive in Detroit.” 😉

    (Seriously, with the Detroit Police Department as overloaded as it is, the roads can be a free-for-all, and a phenomenal number of drivers are uninsured. Red lights? For some drivers they don’t even mean “slow down”.)