Posted March 9, 2011 10:00 am by with 3 comments

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Last year when Facebook introduced its Places service the Internet marketing media engaged in some serious debate as to whether Foursquare could survive this new competition. As with most of these ‘issues’ there were reports ranging from ‘imminent demise’ to ‘foursquare will win and all stops in between. Well, if you use new users as any barometer it looks like Foursquare is weathering the storm.

The chart below comes from the Business Insider’s Silicon Alley Insider

Not bad all things considered. Maybe the Facebook Places media coverage simply served to make more people in general aware of these location based options and, as a result, Foursquare got an indirect “Facebook bump”. Of course, in the shadow of Facebook’s 600 or so million accounts, 7 million looks pretty tiny but Foursquare is what Foursquare is, a check-in service that is looking to evolve past the check-in.

Any thoughts on why Foursquare has survived and thrived in the wake of what some called their end? How are you using location-based services either personally or in your marketing efforts? Is the larger market ready for these offerings or wil they remain a niche play for the time being?

So many questions. Any answers?

  • Foursquare effectively turned their service into a casual MMO. I don’t see Facebook really doing the same, or adding that level of fun to their product.

  • Seems as though foursquare is accessed through facebook too. I know I have friends that check in everywhere!

  • Cynthia – You raise some good points. Having a QR code simply go to a non-mobile friendly home page is a wasted opportunity. But if it leads to an incentive, or contact information, it serves a purpose. Most people don’t like having to type in phone numbers or remember to look up a company on Facebook. A QR code can serve as a sort of bookmark for products, services or companies of interest. But it’s up to marketers to make proper use of this technology.