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It looks like Google isn’t going to sit idly by while Facebook and Twitter get all the credit for saving the world from tyranny, natural disasters and the common cold. While it sounds less than altruistic, the truth of the matter is that corporate ‘good works’, whether intended or not, creates great buzz and sells products. I say intended or not because this trend for giving companies credit over the people who enact change with passion and courage is a bit overdone. People make change and technology is a tool to help them, not the other way around.

Regardless of your point of view though, Google wants in and is offering nonprofits a special way to use Google Apps. Here’s a look at the home page for the service.

The Google blog outlines the program, which includes an application process to weed out those deemed unworthy.

If you work for a nonprofit, this program provides you with several new benefits. Instead of applying to each Google product individually, you can sign up through a one-stop shop application process. If approved, you can access our suite of product offerings designed for nonprofits: up to $10,000 a month in advertising on Google AdWords to reach more donors, free or discounted Google Apps to cut IT costs and operate more efficiently, and premium features for YouTube and our mapping technologies to raise awareness of your cause. We’ve also developed other online resources such as educational videos, case studies and better ways for you to connect with other nonprofits.

While I didn’t see any mention of restrictions (i.e. religious organizations etc) you can bet that there will be some folks who are turned away from the program that will make a fuss. You have to figure that Google is ready for that one because it is bound to happen.

Here is a video that gives more information.

Once again, if you are a nonprofit you can start the one-stop shop application process here.

On the search engine ranking side of this one, Google must think this new program is pretty important since it ranks on the first page for the term “nonprofit”. Hmmmmmm.

  • This awesome nonprofits sure can use this help! Most nonprofits can barely keep their doors open.