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Google is doing what it can to make sure that if you don’t have Android as your mobile device of choice that you are still using Google search on the iPhone. What they have done is dolled up their old Google Search app and made, well, pretty cool looking. The homepage is a bit different as you can see

But the real fun is in how you can dig deeper into search in the app. As an Android user myself, I echo the comment from the Google blog post regarding why we get the not as cool version when we’re are the ones closest to home? Just a right swipe on a search result nets you the following UI.

The games continue as to who will hold the keys to the mobile throne but one conversation I had yesterday made it clear that if Android doesn’t get its tablet act in order and truly compete with the iPad things could get worse. A friend of mine has an Android phone, Windows laptop and an iPad. The strange configuration comes from his work environment. His words, though, were that when it comes time for his contract to renew with Verizon he is going with the iPhone because he loves the iPad so much. Android phone? Not so much. I suspect the Windows machine will be jettisoned as well for a PowerBook or something but the message was clear. His take was that the overall Apple experience is going to be better based on his iPad experience.

Google are you listening?