Posted March 11, 2011 7:32 am by with 3 comments

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Just a quick update.

After speculating that Google’s instant search would be the target of a patent lawsuit from MasterObjects–just as soon as they had finished with Amazon–it looks like the company’s not going to hang around for an outcome.

It appears that the company is ready to go after Google right now:

I asked Masterobjects why they waited until now to sue, which started offering ‘search suggestions’ (using technology which Masterobjects alleges infringes it patent) back in 2008. I also asked why they singled out Amazon specifically.

In a brief response, the company tells me that they will not comment on either this case or the complaint they’ve just filed against Google, revealing that the search giant is effectively already under legal attack by the software maker.

I say that’s a big mistake. If you’re going to fight a patent lawsuit with the heavyweights of the internet, you invite them into the ring one at a time. You don’t try and take them on all at once. I guess they never watched the Royal Rumble as kids. 😉


  • well i think we can say they have lost this one as you said in post you dont take on two big companies at once and think they are doing them selves no favours by not actually commenting and just avoiding the situation

  • Ann Williams

    You were so right on with your earlier brilliant speculation… I guess that 2+ years in a law office had its affect. 😉 It’ll be fascinating to see how this comes out. Will Bing get served by MasterObjects next? Probably. It would be cruel of MasterObjects to leave them out of all the fun. THINK of the tens upon hundreds of lawyers that will be crowding into the conference rooms and courtrooms on this one. Makes a person giddy at the thought.

    • I bet you are right Ann, Bing will likely be next.