Posted March 10, 2011 2:55 pm by with 4 comments

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It’s time for the monthly pondering of whether Google is losing its strangehold on the lead in search market in the US. Experian Hitwise has released its numbers for February 2011.

In Google’s position any move backwards is considered trouble so a 2% decrease from January to February is not great news. Bing powered search, on the other hand, continues to show progress moving up 4% from January.

Where Bing claims victory is in Experian’s metric of search success rate. Those numbers are unchanged with Bing doing very well compared to its nemesis.

Month to month numbers are hard to draw conclusions from but Bing continues to inch forward and Google seems to have stalled. Of course stalling is relative when your market share is twice that of your nearest competitor which consists of two outlets rather than Google’s single platform.

Well, with SEO being close to death should we even care?

  • I have noticed that Bing search results seem to be getting better ie. more accurate and am using it more and more. I used to almost always use Google so maybe times are changing for everyone.

    • a

      I agree. But I have been using Bing the moment in started (I used before Bing existed).

  • engine

    actually bing is really good :]

  • GY

    bing results are better than Google