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Google’s March Madness

Google is getting into the spirit of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament’s March Madness with some neat stuff. First they have created a 3D tour of the facilities that will be home to the games that will make many people ignore their jobs, will increase sports related searches on Google and will generate millions of dollars in illegal gambling. Sweet! Errr, Sweet Sixteen!

Here’s the video from the Google Lat Long blog

There is also a pretty nifty map with a rather difficult Hotpot Challenge game (at least it was difficult for me).

Considering the sheer scope of the tournament and the different places it is held at (hmmmmm, places and Google, I think I am getting something here) this is the fun stuff that Google should do more of. Now, as a Boston College alum I can’t enjoy tracking BC through the tournament so where is the NIT map? Or better yet what about the same map for the NCAA College Hockey Tournament and the road to the Frozen Four?

Enjoy the tournament and tell us if you think Google adds to your experience.