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It’s been almost 7 months since Google announced that you can make Google Voice calls from within your Gmail account.

It’s been almost 7 months of waiting and wondering just when exactly Google plans to add this feature for us Google Apps for Business users. You know, the ones that actually pay to use Google’s services?

You’d think that Google would have figured this out by now. But, no. Google Apps, despite being one of Google’s few premium subscription products, seems to be the red-headed step-child of new product features. We just don’t get these features added when Gmail does.

Adding salt to the wounds, we learn that Gmail users will now be able to click any telephone number in an email and call that number using Google Voice.

Well, isn’t that special!

Hey Google! When do us does this* Google Apps users get these shiny new features?

*It appears that I am among a small group of users that use Google Apps email to access to my Google Voice account, although my Google Voice account is not actually integrated with my Google Apps account. :-(

  • matt

    Just make a FREE gmail account:

    • Andy Beal

      Wow, such genius! 😛

  • Mike

    Actually I already have Google Voice with my Google Apps for Business account. It was easy once the infrastructure change for all Google Apps. Now all I would like to see is extensions added to Google Voice.

    • Andy Beal
      • Mike

        Actually that is a totally different issue than what was originally described in the first message. I was lucky in that I did not use my Google Apps account to create a regular Google account. My original Google Voice account was associated with an account and not account.

        Now on the non-profit Google Apps account, I do have that issue because I did use the account with a regular Google Voice account. That Google Voice account is currently not transitioned but I am still fully able to access the account and it does forward SMS and voice mails correctly.

    • Jason

      If you’re looking for extensions on Google Voice, check out TellFi – we respect the fact that Google Voice has made a phone system that works at it’s simple set of features, but have expanded upon this with business class features on TellFi. Sign up for a free account at our site!

      [Disclaimer: I work at TellFi]

  • Jim McNelis

    I had the same issue. i ended up abandoning the old one and setting up a new #. When you transitioned your account, your GV account should have been moved to a new Google Account you setup to fill in for the services that can’t be transitioned at this time, meaning you _should be able to create a new GV # with your Google Apps email address. I realize you probably want your old #; if that is the case than my solution is not a good one.

  • Carlos

    I had no problems with my google apps for business account and domain, all of our accounts were moved to the new infraestructure back in December last year. Since we are a spanish speaking country, we had to switch the language to English and voilá! My personal Gmail has also got this feature and never had a problem with any of them. Good luck!

  • Wayne Schulz

    I had a personal Google Voice associated with my Google Apps email address.

    I transitioned Google Apps within the control panel.

    This migrated my GV to a new Google ID.

    I put in a request with Google to move this Google Voice to my Google Apps account.

    It was done within a day.

    Within my Google Apps for Domains I am able to make calls out on my Google Voice account from within Google Talk.

  • Faiz

    I used to make calls through google telephony applet in my gmail account. It has suddenly disappeared since 11 march 2011. i dont know how to contact gmail for this. can anyone help me regarding this.

  • Samuel

    I will continue to use and for my calls…. Better rates, better funcions! And QuteComPortable for VoipApplication!

  • Samuel

    I will continue to use and for my calls…. Better rates, better funcions! And QuteCom Portable for VoipApplication!

  • Dan

    You can use the google voice call phone button in any country now.

  • Mike

    I think the hardest part I had was getting my Google Voice number and such transferred to my Google Apps account. But once I let them know I wanted the transfer from my account to the Google Apps administrator’s account (which was also me), the transfer took place quickly.

  • Andy Beal

    Or you could just be plain wrong StareClips! 😛

  • Jim McNelis

    Hi Andy,

    Google Voice does work with Google Apps for Business accounts. The link you provided shows that those services cannot be _transitioned (part of Google’s moving Apps to new infrastructure), but that doesn’t stop you from setting up a new Google Voice # with your Google Apps account. Just goto when signed into your apps account, to get it setup. But first, make sure the service is enabled for your domain in your control panel. Google Voice works with Google Apps accounts. I’m 100% sure of this.

  • Andy Beal

    Jim, my Google Voice account IS on my Google Apps account. :-(

  • Mike


    Andy’s problem is that he has a personal Google Voice account associated with his Google Apps email address which basically prevents him from having his Google Voice number associated to the Google Apps account. Or at least that is what it sounds like based on the support link Andy referenced. He does not want to create a new Google Voice account, he wants to transfer his existing number from the Google customer services to his Google Apps business account even though both services used the same email address.

  • Mike


    It sounds more like your Google Voice is associated with your Google Apps email address, not really with your Google Apps services account. At least that is where your link from earlier would suggest. You created a Google personal account with your Google Apps email address.

  • Andy Beal

    That sounds about right. I was on Google Voice before Google acquired it and I guess that means I have to sit tight until they figure this out. :-(

  • Tzvi

    Who did you let know? I am about to do that tranfer myself.