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The 1970’s was referred to as the time of the ‘Me’ generation. It was a time where people were starting to look out for #1 after the 60’s mantra of trying to enact social change through better chemicals. Depending on who you talk to, this move to each person being encouraged to be the center of their own universe marks either the beginning of a dark age or an age of individual enlightenment.

So what am I getting at? Well, I am preparing myself for the onslaught of the ultimate expression of ‘me’ as the social media world floods Austin, TX for SXSW and strains the area’s bandwidth with tweets and updates starting with “I am with”, I am at” “I am the god of” etc etc. It is likely that this year’s event will be loudest echo chamber ever created by mankind.

Sound negative or snarky? I don’t think so because as the social media world grows, and in particular the industry that was spawned by it, the sounds of people’s cries for attention are growing louder. In many cases, when someone has nothing of value to add but needs to be heard anyway, they just try to be the loudest. That’s what’s beginning to happen in the social media space and it’s interesting at times and incredibly ridiculous at others.

Honestly, how many times can the same principles of the ‘new world order’ of communication be rolled out before it starts to make redundancy look fresh in its wake?

How many times can different people say the same things and it not get annoying?

How much can one person really ‘know’ about something that is so new and rapid in its growth that the rules have likely changed before their wisdom is dispensed?

I point back to a post about “How to be a Twitter Guru” written by someone you may be familiar with. Take that examination of tweets and observe just how many of those formulaic pronunciations of higher knowledge and cooler lives will come from the Texas capital over the next few days. Be prepared.

So how am I preparing for this echo chamber onslaught? I am training myself to ignore all individuals and only pay attention to product and service announcements. This is the news that comes from such an event. Of course, there will be the social ‘ME’dia glitterati opinions of these new developments and their importance to the continuation of the human race. That’s nice but I’ll form my own opinions, thank you very much.

So enjoy the festivities. Tell the world where you are, what you are doing, who are doing it with, how you smell, what you stepped in and where you vomited. I’m sure someone will be listening. The only trouble is that they will be listening to the echo chamber where everyone else who is such an individual will be saying much of the same things.

  • Me live in Austin.

    Me also too broke and too busy to go to South By Southwest. Me will instead be frustrated by the influx of drivers who will be slowing down traffic and making me commute even more miserable.

    I plan to do my weekend errands early then spend the weekend writing & podcasting within my own work while ignoring everyone else. I’m probably more calloused about it than you are.

  • “I Tweet Therefore I Am…” Twitter is the playground of narcissists where you have to dig deep to find value or truly interesting people to follow. #Losing