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Kantar Media calls it the “feel good headline” and it’s likely that everyone but the newspapers would agree. According to their new report, ad expenditures across the board rose 6.5% in 2010 for a total of $131.1 billion. The downside is that not everyone benefited from the growth.

Have a look at the chart:

Kantar says that political advertising and a fresh push by the car companies helped lift TV advertising. Auto ads alone, rose 19.8% over last year while Direct Response and Pharma both dropped by 5 to 8%.

Running a close second in growth is Internet Display advertising which rose 9.9%. A bit surprisingly, Outdoor was right there with 9.6% growth.

Print was the biggest loser last year with a 3.5% drop for Newspaper Media and Business-to-Business magazines also took a hit. But even in the print areas that showed growth, it wasn’t much. Spanish language advertising in both magazines and on TV rose quite a bit in relation to their English language counterparts.

The Kantar report also quantifies the use of product placement on TV. They found that scripted TV shows have an average of 6:57 minutes of brand placement per hour while unscripted shows have 14:19 minutes! When you add in the commercials during the same hour you get a whopping 29.25 minutes of advertising during a one-hour unscripted show. Sounds like reality programs are the new infomercials.

To see more breakdowns and mostly encouraging numbers, click here and you’ll be whisked away to Kantar Media.