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On Monday, a cobra engineered a jail break at the Bronx Zoo and became an instant celebrity when she started a Twitter account to document his freedom flight.

That may sound like the plot of the latest Pixar animal adventure, but it’s actually a true story — to some extent. (Says the Cobra: I want to thank those animals from the movie “Madagascar.” They were a real inspiration.)

The cobra really did escape, though zookeepers say they’re confident the critter didn’t leave the creepy confines of the reptile house. And someone or something did begin Twittering. “The Wall Street Journal” says that the owner of the Twitter account can’t be the snake because snakes can’t type. But I say, they have fangs and a tail, either of which could be used to pound out the messages, though I’m not sure where they’d keep their iPhone while on the prowl.

The twitter account @bronxzooscobra, has grown faster than a hungry snake in a box full of mice. To date, it has 157,620 followers (he only follows the Bronx Zoo’s Twitter) and has sparked a media frenzy.

Savvy marketers have already jumped on the trend like Venom Energy Drink who is offering a year’s supply of their product to the zookeeper who finds the cobra. (Tiger’s Blood is so last month.) But it’s the cobra itself who is doing an excellent job promoting businesses and tourism in the city. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ellis Island saw a sudden bump in attendance after the cobra told of his adventures there. She even gave some love to Broadway, a karaoke bar and a local bakery.

If this Twitter isn’t being handled by a gal or guy in PR, then some firm should hire him or her because they’re genius.

The popularity of the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra goes to show you how little it takes to become a media celeb. Whoever is running this account is doing it with no money invested and not that much time. They simply found a trend and ran with it. I’m sure they had no idea that it would turn into the darling that it has.

Here’s one of my favorites:

This snake needs its own one-creature show, either that or a desk on late night TV.

ETA: I stand corrected. He is a she or at the very least, an it.


  • dean

    interesting…but as you said with Tiger Blood…@BronxZooCobra is one caught snake away from being yesterday’s news because to coin a phrase….he’s got no legs

    I crack me up.

  • How do you know it’s a guy?

    • At least the first iteration of the account @BronxZoosCobra was a woman. Thinking it still might be, but not certain. A little research here.

      • Cynthia Boris

        I checked, it’s wearing lipstick, you’re right, it’s a girl

  • Makes me wonder how the chef’s feel about this reflective environment. Probably the camera picked up reflections that they don’t even notice.

  • Sharon

    The cobra is a ssssshe.

    • Cynthia Boris

      Are you sssssssure? Whose job is it to check the sex of a deadly cobra anyway? And let’s talk about how she can be a FEMALE KING cobra? Doesn’t she have to be a Queen Cobra?