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Here are a few jobs that we cherry picked from the list today

Digital Marketing Manager for Nokia in Paris

Googleplex All a Buzz of Android Honeycomb

Apparently today is “Android day” and I didn’t get the memo.

It’s also a “no news so let’s slap up some videos day” on Marketing Pilgrim. ;-)

Exhibit B, Google’s Mountain View HQ–aka the Googleplex–took delivery of a giant honeycomb to mark the launch of Android 3.0 for tablets.

Pity the guy whose job it is to go to work and dress in a bee costume and dance for the Googlers.


Saab Cars to Come with Personal Android

While driving 400+ miles over the weekend, Mrs. Beal suggested it would be a great idea to add Google Maps and local search information to our SUV’s built-in navigation. I managed to impress her–OK, maybe just myself–but recalling the 2007 announcement that BMW was going to do just that.

Four years on and I don’t know if that ever came to fruition. However, I do know that Saab is about to get a whole lot of Android added its line-up of cars.

IQon provides an embedded computer platform in the car with a modem which automatically connects to the internet when the car´s ignition is switched on. An 8-inch touchscreen provides access to services, including audio and entertainment streaming, online navigation and on-board music storage.

New Mobile Rewards Keep Advertisers in the Loopt

It’s been more than two years since Loopt promised to bring local business advertising to cell phones. According to the WSJ, that plan is supposedly near to fruition:

On Tuesday Loopt, a social network catered to mobile-device users, unveiled a plan to allow advertisers to send alerts to Loopt users, based on their location, when they want to offer them an limited-time deal.

A restaurant looking to fill empty seats, for example, could alert a nearby Loopt user of a special price for a meal if they arrived first, says Loopt’s chief executive Sam Altman, in an interview. “We’re very excited about this,” he says.

Think of it as Groupon meets Foursquare meets Yelp. Advertisers can send ads based on the close proximity of one of Loopt’s five million users and offer-up a deal that may be too delicious to pass up (pardon the pun).

The Internet is Key for Community Involvement

The internet is famous for its ability to connect us with people all over the world, but a new survey from the Pew Internet and American Life project shows that it’s also important on a local level.

The study, which was conducted in San Jose, Calif., Philadelphia and Macon, Ga. was designed to measure the effectiveness of local, community and civic communications.

The majority of respondents agreed that access to a broadband connection was very important and 34% said that having the internet majorly impacted their ability to participate in the community.

Oddly, the survey found that many people with broadband connections were more critical of their local government which could be based on the fact that they have more access to information. If you don’t see all the people complaining about the road construction, you may think the city is handling the issue just fine.

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Ad Trade Groups Set Out to Make Measurement Makes Sense

Three top advertising trade agencies are banning together to work on a new initiative they call “Making Measurement Make Sense.” What they want to do is work out a new standard for measuring the success of digital advertising that can be used across the board.

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and the 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) announced their new initiative at IAB’s fourth Annual Leadership Meeting, Ecosystem 2.0: The People vs. Data.

According to their press release, “Making Measurement Make Sense” has three primary objectives:

  • Define standard metrics and measurement systems that are transparent and consistent to simplify the planning, buying and evaluating of digital media:
    • Analyzing the current digital measurement situation from a business perspective