Insights from Google’s Chief Business Officer

We don’t normally put long videos up here at MP but this one might be worth your time.

This interview with Nikesh Arora, Google’s newly named Senior VP and Chief Business Officer, was done on Bloomberg West which is a new TV offering covering the West Coast tech scene. We picked up the clip from Clip Syndicate. There is a lot of ground covered in 11 minutes or so. Enjoy.

Google’s Street View Shows More Off Road Sites

While I write about Google’s Street View and their cars with mounted cameras that have caused considerable distress in some places of the world, I have never seen one in the wild. Another thing I have never seen is one of the Google Street View trikes that have been going places that cars can’t go.

These trikes (to the right) have been busy for the past two years gathering data from places that cars just can’t get to. The trike was developed by a Google engineer during his 20% time on the job. reports

Google’s Street View service has mostly been limited to places where cars mounted with cameras can drive. But now, Street View increasingly will include images of public and private sites ranging from selected hiking trails of the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve near Los Altos to Sea World Orlando to Kew Gardens in London.

Doors Are Open At The Marketing Pilgrim Writers’ Garage

Ever read something here at Marketing Pilgrim and said “I could write something like that. In fact, I could write it better!” Ok, so you are like a vast majority of our readers :-).

Many people contact us and say that they have a great idea for a guest post or something else. While we would love to facilitate each of those requests that’s impractical.

To help more people have a voice and place to put these great ideas, we are rolling up the doors on the Marketing Pilgrim Writer’s Garage. Since the tech space is full of stories about how businesses got started in a garage we figured why not let aspiring (or established) bloggers have the same opportunity.

What is the Marketing Pilgrim Writers’ Garage exactly?