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Saab Cars to Come with Personal Android

While driving 400+ miles over the weekend, Mrs. Beal suggested it would be a great idea to add Google Maps and local search information to our SUV’s built-in navigation. I managed to impress her–OK, maybe just myself–but recalling the 2007 announcement that BMW was going to do just that.

Four years on and I don’t know if that ever came to fruition. However, I do know that Saab is about to get a whole lot of Android added its line-up of cars.

IQon provides an embedded computer platform in the car with a modem which automatically connects to the internet when the carĀ“s ignition is switched on. An 8-inch touchscreen provides access to services, including audio and entertainment streaming, online navigation and on-board music storage.

Our open innovation strategy, using the Android operating system, will keep the provision of in-car infotainment up to date.

Well played Saab, well played!

  • Frank Reed

    One solution is to scrap the iPhone and get an Android device! Works in every car! :-)

  • Cynthia

    Not only are they adding all these goodies to the cars but they’re doing a good job at making me want one. On White Collar they’ve become experts at showing off the car’s features during the course of the TV show (one of the few shows where this kind of car placement doesn’t bother me) and seeing the people use the in dash phones and navigation, etc makes me want that car! And it’s a Ford – yikes. I swore I’d never leave Toyota.