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Twitter’s new iPhone update is all about helping you Tweet faster and easier, but like everything in life, it has a downside. In this case, it’s an overlay with the latest Trends that resides at the top of your timeline and it can’t be removed.

If you’re interesting in going along with the majority, or you’re an online writer looking to capitalize on some SEO, then the Quickbar is a nifty tool. It scrolls sideways to show you the top trends and when you click on them, you’re taken to search results for that item. In other words, it’s useless for most Twitter Tweeters.

The update isn’t all bad, though, they actually added a couple of tools that are very helpful including a camera button on the Tweet blank so you can upload photos instantly and an auto URL shortener.

The best new tool is Autocomplete. Now, when you access the Tweet blank, you’ll find a series of buttons for @usernames and #hashtags. Choose one and you’re presented with a list. Click your choice and it autofills in your Tweet blank. That’s a real boon for people like me who tend to use a lot of popular hashtags.

Other new features include the ability to find out if your friends are on Twitter using your contact list and . . . wait for it. . . you can get local trends based on your location. Except for the case of a natural disaster, I can’t see this being very useful.

Okay, I take back what I just said. Thanks to my Twitter iPhone update, I now know that it’s #bootyappreciationday. That better mean there will be a gift waiting for me at dinner tonight.

Have you tried the new Twitter iPhone update? Helpful or not?


  • Cool app for iPhone users? Sorry I still don’t have iPhone. But thanks to showing.

  • Android has had the autocomplete feature for a while. It is VERY useful.

    If that is the worst you found in the Trending Topics then consider yourself lucky. The topics are typically so full of useless profanity that I have to wonder why Twitter is promoting them. They are certainly not the most appealing feature of their service.

    • Cynthia

      Good point, I’ve never noticed profanity but I can see how those could pop up. The placement of the bar really bothers me and now that I’ve used it for a couple of days I dislike it even more.

      • Wait until you see more of the racial “humor” that passes through the trends. It’s disgusting.

        I finally told Twitter to show me the trends from a foreign, non-English speaking country just to avoid seeing it any more.

  • Foursquare effectively turned their service into a casual MMO. I don’t see Facebook really doing the same, or adding that level of fun to their product.

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