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Well, that didn’t take long. Yesterday we get news that Yahoo is really looking to improve its search experience. Good news, right? Well, eMarketer isn’t going to let Yahoo get off that easily as it released numbers predicting a continued decline in Yahoo search ad revenue share (mainly due to Bing’s gains). Those gains by Bing are slowly happening but perhaps the bigger surprise is the predicted rise in Google search ad revenue share. Here it is.

Are you agreement with these numbers? Will Google become even more dominant as Yahoo fades off in to the sunset and Bing picks up the pieces? How will this play out? Let’s hear your predictions in the comments.

  • What I told the US Department of Justice when we were discussing the proposed Bing/Yahoo! deal was that the cost of advertising on Bing and Yahoo! would go up. And that’s what we’re seeing.

    So if advertisers are faced with paying the same price for exposure on Bing + Yahoo! as they pay on Google, where will they get the most exposure for their buck?

    Unfortunately for advertisers (and ultimately consumers — who will pay for that advertising), the DOJ didn’t agree with my projection.

  • Bing is going to patiently grow and wait until the mighty Goliath Google gets complacent and like david with his sling they will rush forward and take them down 🙂
    With all the changes Google keep making they are acting like a demanding lover that can’t decide what they want. One minute this works then it doesn’t, then its okay to do that then it isn’t.
    Plus word on the SEO street is that the big G watch the innovations coming out of Bing and copy them faster than Bing can get them out the door.
    Its tough to be the underdog!

  • Paul Ellis

    The fact that so many businesses and SEOs pay significantly less attention to the performance of Yahoo! can only suggest one thing – further decline.

    Recent trends I have seen with a number of businesses are an increase in rankings for a vast number of keywords only to see a lower return on traffic and therefore sales. Yahoo! simply can’t bridge the gap on it’s own and the birth of Bing will be seen by Yahoo! as a god send. Though can Bing really offer the support needed and will this only have detrimental effects on its own growth – who knows?

    Personally I don’t accept that Google will become complacent especially as now that Bing has made a strong introduction to the industry. However, despite this I fully expect by the end of 2011 that people wise up to the importance of Bing and show more disregard to the dwindling flame of Yahoo!.

  • The article concludes that Yahoo is losing share to Bing, but this is a bit misleading. If you exclude 2009 data where most of this erosion occurs, the data tells a different story. Over the period 2010-2012, Yahoo loses share to Google, not Bing. This loss is in terms of both absolute share and also at a rate greater than would be predicted based on the players market status. You can see the calculations at my blog posting, “Yahoo Search: Circling the Drain”

  • You also need to take into account that Yahoo handed over all its search marketing to partner with the Bing advertising platform.

  • I think the winner is Google at the end but the way they are playing us will on the long term make things difficult for them. I am not sure every Google changes are really improving users experience… and some very competitive keywords I don’t always see relevant search results. I am very agree with you Diane Corriette and I think thay are having real fun with SEO professionals…