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It’s been made clear in a hundred different white papers — the majority of people “like” a brand on Facebook in order to get coupons and deals. We all know it’s true and that’s why I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I went to claim my free sample of MiO on Facebook.

Here’s what I found:

That statement is such a brilliant, breath of fresh air, I wanted to go right out and buy their product.

It was great timing because just yesterday, I was reading a report from IBM Institute for Business Value whic said that there was a perception gap between consumers and brands in social media. The report says that consumers want deals but brands think they want to be a part of the community. Obviously MiO got the memo. They know what people want and they don’t mind pimping themselves out if it means getting a new customer.  Kudos to them, because in the end, isn’t that the whole point of social media, getting customers to buy your product. Yes, there’s brand awareness and all of that, but brand awareness doesn’t pay the electric bill. In the end, marketing must lead to the handing over of cash.

So go visit my new friends a MiO and tell them that you like them, you really, truly will pretend to like them.

  • They’ve also hitched their wagon to the “Sassy Gay Friend” character and have already produced a couple videos. The purposely-not-subtle endorsement of the product in these videos shows that the brand managers are OK being heavy-handed as long as it comes with a wink and a nod to the viewer. Gotta applaud the decision; hope it works well for them!

  • A refreshing approach to the use of social media; one likely to appeal to the majority of Facebook users.

  • Hats off to MiO! That is a really clever approach and I find myself instantly attracted to the brand. A company that can laugh at what we all know to be true is fully embracing the actions of their consumers. It’s a really creative way to connect with their audience.

  • It’s very clever and unique and most likely over exceeded its goals through word of mouth.

    It does bring up a very important message though, which still a lot of people forget to take into effect, and that is that it is not a matter of how many fans on facebook you have, it is a matter of how you interact with them to help grow and increase your brand awareness which will eventually lead to future company growth and roi.

    • Cynthia Boris

      Amen, brother!