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If you’re looking for mom, forget the kitchen, check Facebook. She’s probably over there right now, playing games, “liking” for coupons and tagging embarrassing baby pictures of you for all your friends to see.

The January 2011  “How US Moms Share and Spread Information” survey by Lucid Marketing says that 93% of the moms that answered the survey use Facebook and 36% use Twitter.

Blogging, once the hottest trend with online mommies, now sits at only 34% but what’s really odd is that 20% of moms said they still use MySpace. Really? Must be all those Shirley Partridge moms who have their own rock band.

Though social networking sites are more important than ever, 98% with email accounts said they check them everyday. They also said that email ranked highest as the way they learned new things 84% said they use it to share that knowledge. It’s interesting to note that the same percentage said they prefer to share information face-to-face and 80% said the use the phone. Which is funny because I thought actually using a phone to call people went the way of MySpace.

Sharing by Facebook only comes in at 69%, so even though many of them have Facebook accounts, a lot of moms aren’t using them to spread the wealth. When they do share, their significant other was usually the recipient, with best friends and family members coming in a close second.

Lesson to be learned here? If you’re marketing to moms, Facebook is fine, but email is still your best bet.

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