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The video above is YouTube user, iTr3vor. iTr3vor has as an odd obsession with filming himself dancing like a maniac in various Apple stores. Quite honestly I don’t get it. But, let’s face it, when the last time you had as much fun as iTr3vor apparently has in each video? It appears that many viewers and other YouTube users agree. Trevor has amassed a subscriber count close to 20,000 and a Twitter following over 3000. That is pretty good for a kid that probably doesn’t even have a driver’s license. What I’d like to know is what is Apple going to do about it? If anything at all?

Almost 4 years ago Andy mentioned the glaring realization that Apple has completely dropped the ball with social media. Even to this day Apple is completely absent on most if not all of social media websites and continues to squelch efforts in social realm. When you consider Apple’s demographic and target audience it seems as if ignoring social media would be a death wish. But it has been through the success of almost genius like branding and marketing that Apple has been able to succeed despite ignoring their user base in social media.

But just because they have done well in the past and will likely continue for the next couple of years, there is no certainty on the horizon which direction their market and company is headed. The technology space is known for rapid innovation and product development. Which is just as likely to come from an Apple competitor or unknown startup. This aversion to social media leaves Apple naked and vulnerable to perceived mediocrity and locked in a stalemate of innovation.

The truly incomprehensible part of this whole scenario lies in the huge potential Apple has in social media. It’s no secret that Apple has worked hard to market its products to creative and artistic users. Who better to inspire and cultivate in social media than brand advocates with content development skills that could potentially crush their competitors social media marketing efforts? Take for example, Coca-Cola who embraced two of their dedicated fans to help push their brand through Facebook. Apple on the other hand has a whole army of potential brand advocates that if given the chance could create an endless resource of marketing and branding material. Despite this Apple ignores them, and in some cases moves to silence them entirely.

In short: Apple, don’t ignore iTr3vor, instead put him on payroll. Because he is the future of your company, and if given the chance, the future of your brand.

  • You promised me Apple fanboys, trolls and flame-wars Joe. Whadupwidat? 😛

    • I guess no one told them yet! hmmm maybe I should visit some forums?

  • I’m trying to figure out if Trevor is already on marketing for “Active”, he sure wears a lot of shirts with their name on it. And as far as I know, the other shirts are their brand too.

    And if that’s not the case, why isn’t someone paying him to wear their shirts?

  • Hey Andy,

    Not sure why but I hadn’t even realised there was a distinct lack of apple on social media sites. I admit I am a bit of an Apple fanboy so it is doubly shocking to me 😉

    Well done for spotting this! Out of interest where do people like microsoft, IBM and Dell rank in terms of social media because I don’t remember seeing much of a presence from them either, is it just that that part of the industry doesn’t feel the need for social media or are they just missing the point all together?

    Great post.


  • Tom

    thanks for sharing this wonderful post

  • let’s embrace all the people that dear t stand out