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Facebook has just released a new button that allows users to share items with select people as opposed to everyone who follows them.

The new Send button pops up a small email blank with a drop-down address bar that automatically suggests folks you’ve recently communicated with on Facebook. You can override this by typing in a name, an email address or a Facebook group name.

This is actually a very nice feature. I often see things that I’d like to forward to a select group and not everyone who follows me. The downside is, it doesn’t work with Lists, only Groups. For example, I saw a great daily deal today that I would have shared with my mommy blogging friends, but in order to reach all the people on my “mommy blogger” list, I had to select them one by one. Not good.

It is good for those who have Groups for family or clubs and this button might actually encourage people to create more groups, something I’ve never considered doing before. I could make a group for just my siblings, then use the Send button on to discuss all of us going in on one bouquet come Mother’s Day.

As a marketer, I’d take this one step further and use that Send button for some suggestive selling. Offer a discount to anyone who creates a group that works for your product, be it a lunch club, hiking club or just a club for deal lovers. Once they have the club made, they’ll be more likely to share via that Send button when they visit your site.

Facebook will be providing Insights on the Send button in the near future so you’ll be able to see if it’s working for you.

To get the code, visit the Facebook Developers page.

  • Love the information you are sharing… This will really help me in my social media tasks… Thanks for sharing…

  • I for one would love to use this business wise…I hope i can tap it to its best for me…

  • I’m intrigued to see how the Share button plays out. I can see it being incredibly useful for marketers because it sends content from one targeted visitor to another. Plus, the level of peer recommendation goes up as the content is being directly shared, not just posted for the general network to see.

    • Cynthia Boris

      So far so bad though. I tested the button by sending a post to myself and it’s never shown up anywhere – on Facebook or my email. . . maybe you just can’t send to yourself.

  • This looks useful but another plugin… Don’t you think our blog will be over crowded with Facebook buttons..
    Right now I have Fb like, Fb share button… Not sure If I’m going to add it..

  • Great post. In my oppinion for this article! As a struggling beginner blogger this provides some great value and insight.
    I will work on this strategy now. I think all the above point are worth trying.