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To get noticed in this world, you have to do something creative. Here are two brands that are making a fun, new, social media statement.

Conan O’Brien F*Cards

Funnyman Conan O’Brien is bringing his sharp sense of humor to your Facebook page with his new F*Cards. The “cards” are actually short videos that you can use to update your status. Each one features Conan telling your followers how you really feel about a variety of Facebook subjects.

My favorite is the one where Conan explains how I’d rather have hot bacon grease poured into a cut under my eye rather than see another one of your Farmville updates. Other choices include, “Stop photo-tagging me,” “FYI – I just ate some delicious food,” and “Dear High School / College Buddy.” As Conan says, why bother trying to compose something clever when he can do it for you.

Pepsi Social Vending

Pepsi is connecting the real world to the virtual world with their new social vending machine. Mashable got the scoop on the machine which was unveiled at a recent trade show and even though I’m a Diet Coke gal, I have to say, this is pretty cool.

The machine has a place to key in your friend’s email address and it even allows you to record a short video message. The message is sent along with a code that the recipient can redeem at any Pepsi Social Vending machine. There’s even an option to send a soda to a random stranger. Perfect if you’re in need of some extra karma points.

We’ve seen evidence that social media isn’t the golden ticket to marketing happiness, but maybe it’s not the method so much as the lack of madness.

Have you seen an example of creative social media marketing? Inspire us, in the comment space below.


  • Cool post. Pepsi social vending, Sounds like fun with being able to send product out like this. Definitely, A creative way to connect with a brand.

  • It’s always great to see really creative uses of social media. Social media is all about connecting with people, and having a clever twist is a really good way to get people engaged. You have to have some kind of personality to get people interested!

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