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Google Maps is pretty interesting to watch and sometimes difficult to keep track of for those of us who have other things to do in life. Today, the Google Lat Long blog tells about Map Maker which is a way for people to help Google build out their map experience with local information that end users feel is important. Check out the video for the Map Maker overview.

The blog post goes on to say

Today we’re opening the map of the United States in Google Map Maker for you to add your expert local knowledge directly. You know your neighborhood or hometown best, and with Google Map Maker you can ensure the places you care about are richly represented on the map. For example, you can fix the name of your local pizza parlor, or add a description of your favorite book store.

For those who think that mischief will be afoot because of the freedom for anyone to add anything Google claims to have planned for that.

To confirm Map Maker user contributions are accurate, each edit will be reviewed. After approval, the edits will appear in Google Maps within minutes—dramatically speeding up the time it takes for online maps to reflect the often-changing physical world. To see examples of what people around the world are adding to Map Maker, you can watch mapping in real-time.

So Google once again wows the world with more whiz bang stuff while upwards of 90% of the Google Place Pages remain unverified. Is this just another instance of Google moving on without even considering what work absolutely needs to be done to repair the foundation of their local efforts?

I think so but I doubt that Google does.